a year in review 2010

December 31, 2010

Is it seriously about to be 2011? I remember the big ordeal over 2000. Apparently time flies.


-We went to visit Jeremy's Dad in TN and roamed around the Amish community, I as always enjoy anything canned or pickled. We also went hiking to a frozen waterfall...which I have zero pictures of because for some reason I didn't take my camera.
- Joshua Liam was born on Jan 10.
-We also celebrated Pop's Birthday and I wanted to have all 71 candles on his cake...needless to say it melted the icing.
-I turned 24. I hate birthday, but Mom took me to get a facial and Jeremy got me a Dippin Dots cake. 
- I think it snowed in Feb, maybe Jan. But either way the dogs hated it.
-Hmm....we played with the baby? I honestly can't remember. Oh I got one, Jeremy and I had been together for 2 years.

-We wrapped an entire table at Sage in foil, the server we did it to swore to get revenge on Jeremy.
-1st Easter with the baby.

-We took our beloved motorcycle to Vicksburg to ride around the battlefield for the last time, who would have known then that we would be selling it this past November.

-Jeremy and I went to Galveston for our 1 year anniversary.

-The summer of weddings kicked off and our friends Craig and Kimberly got married. This is us at the 1st of 8 weddings. At least this one was at our home church so we didn't have far to drive...the rest were a bit out of the way.
-Wedding #2 Ryan and Rachel. This could also be considered the high school reunion. Rachel wore my garter because Ryan had forgotten to buy one, this was the beginning of the Traveling Garter.
-Wedding #3 my cousin Michael got married to his long time girlfriend Misty. 
-This was also the first long car trip with a baby...hence Jeremy and I don't have children yet. {haha}
-Wedding #4 our friends Ethan and Rebekah got married.
-Baby dedication at FBCV.
-I also start "death by summer school". No one in their right mind should ever cram 5 graduate classes into 2 summer blocks. Luckily June was easier then July.

Wedding #5 Emily and Travis got married. To continue the joke Emily wore my garter as well and continued The Sisterhood of the Traveling Garter.
-Have I mentioned at this point I was swamped with assignmets, I literally had a paper due in a class everyday of the week...and a full blown Psycholoy test about twice a week. And wedding season just kept on rolling on.
-Family reunion whoo hoo! This was also the first time I ever fed a baby in a car, umm gross.

-Wedding #6 my cousin Chris and Brandi got married...yet another long trip with a baby in a car. Hence the lack of baby at our house.
-Wedding #7 Mom and I went to a old friend from youth group Meredith's wedding.
-Jeremy's band played a few places.
-We all went out for sushi to celebrate Jeremy and Ethan's Birthday. I attempted my first layer cake and had to get Ethan's lovely caked skilled wife Bekka to save it.
-Wedding #8 my sister's friend since Pre-K got married! Love Kendra and Colt;) I can't find a pic from the actual wedding, but here is the shower with her bridesmaids. 
-Jeremy got hired to teach high school special education in the same parish I teach in. Score! He also started the same grad school program I am in.

-Hmm nothing I can remember. I had my first ULM observation of my internship. Not cool. 
-One year anniversary of Nanny's death.
-Seriously we went under a rock that first full month of teaching.

-Trick 'r Trunk, we had a baby in a hotdog costume so we decorated the car to look like a hotdog.

-I got accepted into Kappa Delta Phi. Big deal for me, I didn't graduate with honors in high school or undergrad.
-We went to Fort Worth to visit Jeremy's Mom and Grandparents. While we were there we went to the Ice exhibit and the water garden.

-My Life Group class went to the Deeper Still conference in Birmingham. We had/have been studying James since June and the class goal is/was to memorize it. Beth Moore's assistant found out about it and told Beth. Since Beth is starting a James study in Jan. she wanted to meet us, Yay! 
-We also had a first Christmas with a baby in 19 years.
-And Mom made us take twinkied out matchy matchy pictures.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!