Honeymoon Registries-tacky or tasteful?

December 20, 2010

What do y'all think about honeymoon registries? 

When were were registering for our wedding the honeymoon registry was becoming something...but not exactly used. I personally find it tacky. But to each their own. 

These days there are sites like The Honeymoon that offer a host of honeymoon destinations and a place for guests to donate towards your honeymoon. Then there are websites like A Great Affair that offers registries for anything from honeymoon to Bar Mitzvah to anniversary to housewarming.  A Great Affair even offers graduation registries and holiday registries. When did people start registering for this stuff? I thought you were supposed to be grateful for anything you got. Instead there is a major push towards picky and borderline ungrateful. At least that is how I view it. 

It has been long thought of as not following wedding etiquette to flat out ask for money. Technically these types of registries shouldn't be listed on invites and definitely not included in the actual wedding invitation. If people were to donate at all it should be completely by word of mouth. Which then leads to the wedding website...is it word of mouth to advertise that you want money on the site or is it the same as a invitation? 

Many couples reasons for not wanting to do a regular registry stem from the fact that many already live together and they say they do not need household things, so instead they ask for money. One couple on a review site made the comment that they were from different parts of the country an it made it easier on guests to not have to lug gifts cross country on a plane. Okay I could take that point if in fact most registries offer online options and you can purchase and ship directly to the couple. But again, to each their own. 

But I digress, according to wedding etiquette asking for money of any sort is considered rude. Granted the honeymoon registry isn't asking for cold hard cash...but it is still rude in the spectrum of wedding etiquette. 

Do y'all know anyone that did a honeymoon registry? Or have you ever contributed to a honeymoon registry? What did y'all think about it?