Fill in the Blank Friday

December 10, 2010

I realize I have been M.I.A. all week. Needless to say Jeremy has taken over the computers due to finals week and I have been brain dead and attempting to process everything from Deeper Still Birmingham to do a post on it. Tomorrow I should have time to do a post! Plus I have gone to be at 7 for some reason the past two days. 

Fill in the Blank Friday!

{Erin Nicole Photography via weheartit}

1.   I wish       I I was in a Christmas mood this year. I am all about being able to spend time with family, but decorating is a complete no go. I think it has to do with the fact that everything was so up in the air with J's grad school, and now that we know we are in super save mode     .

2.  Yesterday I   had duty and spent the whole time trying to get kids our of the car line door because it was snowing...but not sticking. They sure didn't care, they wanted it to stick so so bad  .

3.  Today I will       go to work, grade papers, come home, and hopefully con Jeremy into going to the new frozen yogurt place  .

4.  Tomorrow I will    attempt to Christmas shop. You would seriously have no clue it was Christmas here if it wasn't for the half dead Charlie Brown tree I forget to water and have procrastinated decorating  .

5.  Maybe      I will get to go to sleep at 7 again and not listen to Jer complain about it lol.  .

6.  Someday        we will be settled and not a college couple. But there are at least 3 more years until then   .

7.  I love       lazy days with Jeremy, driving around looking at Christmas lights with him while eating junk food...and our pizza dates     .