Deeper Still, Bullet Points, & Gifts of Compassion

December 11, 2010

I just can't get into a blogging mood to save my I shall use bullet points. 

  • Deeper Still Birmingham last weekend was amazing! Kay, Beth, and Pricilla totally brought it. As usual the worship team was awesome! I can't seem to process everything to the point of doing a post...but just know that I am, and was blown away. The first night we ended up in the nose bleed...I was seriously afraid to stand during worship for fear of falling to my death. My feet were even with the giant score thingy hanging from the ceiling. Day 2 we got much much better seats, and I could concentrate more on the message than fearing for my life haha.
  • Meeting Beth Moore was so cool. I never thought we would get to do that, but apparently she found out from her assistant that we are studying James {she is currently doing a study of James and will be teaching it is Jan. if you are in the Houston area} and wanted to meet us. One girl in our group can actually quote the entire book. As soon as I get the picture I will post it.
  • Without knowing it I have been more tired than usual. I am by no means the type to take naps...but have gone to be before 7 for 3 days and slept for 2 hours this afternoon. Guess this can be attributed to being sick over Thanksgiving and not actually resting and recovering. 
  • I need a good diet. I am hoping with Jer moving in Jan. that I can get back to my old habits for a few months. Dang high metabolism husband ruining my pant size.
  • Oh on another note, after the conference we went to The Church @ Brookhills to hear David Platt. OH MY WORD! He spoke about the cross and what it means to us as Christians. He honestly didn't say anything I didn't know, but the way he said it hit me in a whole new light. If  you get a chance check out Brookhills website and watch his sermon series about the cross. I also hear his series about he Gospels is awesome too!
Hope y'all have a good weekend! And for all my teacher friends I hope y'all survive the dreaded week before Christmas;)