{the library}

December 18, 2010

I finally figured out why I have been in such a funk. And when I say funk I mean fighting back tears one minute and threatening to rob children of a school Christmas party the next. I even had a "no fly" list of people who would not be able to be at the Christmas party...cause I was in some big kind of funk.

Well the source...I just miss Nanny. The holiday is hitting me harder than I thought and I surely couldn't figure out why.

I guess this sort of thing is going to happen from time to time from now till the day I die.

But you know what I will miss a million times more once we have kids, going to the library to see Nanny. My grandmother was a librarian for 20 years, and 90% of my little kid memories of her were at the library. I spent so much time there during the summer at Summer Reading Program. I wish I could take Joshua to the library to see Nanny, and to hear her read books during the Summer program. I'd love to be able to take my own kids one day to see her. My sister and I were lucky as hell to have a grandmother with a job like that, one where we could just go see her, hang out, and tell her how our day at school was.

Want to know something weird, well maybe it just shows my lack of memory. I get my grandparents phone # and the library phone # mixed up. When Nanny still worked there I often called to talk to her and would never get the right place the first time. Luckily the library ladies loved me enough to redirect me;) I still have to look up the number when I want to call Pop, because the first number that comes to mind is the library. Oddly I don't know Jeremy's cell number but I can recall the Vidalia library phone number.

So Mom, you should quit working in education and become a librarian so I can bring out kids to see you one day. Only because I liked going to see Nanny so much.