{you say tomato, I say tomato}

April 25, 2010

***All pics are before we met

I'll be the first to admit my husband and I are complete opposites. He rides bike trails, like tattoos, and jumps in the middle of any mosh pit he comes within 30 yards of. He has had his nose broken at a concert...and I saw a redneck attempt to fight him at a Chevelle concert because attempted to start a mosh pit{side note-don't mosh in Mississippi}.

{J getting pushed into a mosh pit by our friend Doug}

{just realized he is wearing the same shirt in both pics}

{callie pointing out Jer got his tongue pierced}

I on the other hand workout because I have to, unlike Jer. Love cooking, girly things{although I don't dress up every waking minute}, and couldn't catch a ball with a net the size of Utah. I like music...but screamo is something Jer introduced me to. I prefer bands from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Also, I have a tattoo but you would only see it if I was nearly naked and pointing at it{long term relationship ended and I went berserk}.

{bathing my little ellie in the sink}

{again with the little dog, headband, and sweater. all of which you don't see emo kids wearing}

{me and my gay husband ryan @ britt's bachelorette party in New Orleans}

Funny how I started dating someone who had more in common with my sister. Laura is the band chick, I picked on her to death about Meriwether and vest. Now I think I've seen more Meriwether shows than she has. J is in more ways than one the type of guy I would never have thought twice about but somehow married, and am so in love with. I'm sure I'm just as much not his type too. But somehow it works. 

I don't have a pic of J and I at the concert but here is one of Doug and me.
Notice the vest and gray v-neck shirt. This was at the Chevelle concert from last year that J was nearly mobbed by rednecks for moshing. Maybe it is just me but I think my taste has kind of sort of merged with J's emo screamo-ish band image. By the way we were holding onto the guard rail for dear life, and Jer is the hand you see behind me..causing trouble of course.