{much needed weekend}

April 10, 2010

Wow am I glad it's Saturday! This week was tough, probably the worst Friday so far. Most of my problem boils down to the fact my same "problem" I've had all year decided to show its ugly head again. Thankfully testing is next week and then we only have a few weeks left. Kinda nuts that I am actually looking forward to my insane summer class schedule...but an adults only summer is greatly needed.

Thus explaining how I can manage to not contract baby rabies quite as easily as other women my age.

However I am very happy to say it is SATURDAY, but sadly Saturday only last one day per week. {sigh} But we do have some totally rad weekend plans!

1. As soon as I get my butt up this morning we are packing and heading out to the Catfish Festival. I was super excited until I realized we are going to have the dogs with us. Ellie does much better in crowds than Maddie. Maddie tends to get nervous and freak out in crowded areas. So we may not be staying too long.

2. Mrs. Grace is getting married this evening! This will officially kick off wedding season for us. We have had so many wedding/shower/baby invites come in lately I don't know where they all are and fear I am forgetting about one.

3. Sunday morning before we leave I plan to have breakfast with my friend Gabby! Who might I add I haven't seen since she found out she was pregnant...and happens to finally fulfilling my request for someone to have a girl!

4. Sunday afternoon we have a wedding shower to go to! Since the groom is involved in the student ministry at our church the whole student ministry is throwing the wedding shower. I still need to buy gift...I am so behind on this. Maybe I can get this stuff out of the way at one of the cute shops downtown.

What do y'all have planned this weekend?