1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

April 2, 2010

Traditionally the first anniversary gift is Paper. When I looked up modern I also saw clocks, plastic, and gold jewelry. This just left me more confused. So I kept looking and found paper anniversary suggestions and what I found suggested:
  •  Photographs and Picture frames
  •  Books
  •  Board games and puzzles
  • Stationery
  • Tickets {hopefully not speeding, we get enough of those}
  • Paintings
  • Love Letters
  • Coupons {like getting dishes done for free or a massage}
  • Posters and Art Prints
  • Calendars
Now considering watches fall later on in the anniversary {modern} gift list I am guessing when it says clock it means clock right? No. You can buy a watch too. So confusing. Does anyone know the tradition behind this? I'd just like to know why haha. But hey if we live to our 100th anniversary I get a diamond!

Now for plastic{modern}. I have found one thing that said a vacation would fall under plastic. Other fun things like kitchen appliances {yay} are listed and Tupperware. If I get Tupperware Jeremy better sleep with one eye open. 
After all this researching {topics that don't fall in the category of the research paper I've been putting off} I still don't know what I want to get Jeremy. I know we talked about watches but I got my new Tiffany catalog in this week. And it contained these two gems.
{Tiffany keys, they have the oval one in rose gold. I love keys}
{Let Me Count the Ways bracelet}
When I saw that bracelet I just about fell off my stool and ran to order this pretty little thing. My favorite poem ever is Elizabeth Barrett Browning's How Do I Love Thee. I wrote my senior research paper on her and her husband titled, the last line of the poem, "I Shall But Love Thee Better After Death." I wish this bracelet came in gold so it would fall under the anniversary gift deal. 

Tiffany & Co.,

Please make this bracelet in rose gold by the time of my anniversary and convince my husband to buy it. I dreamed having your engagement ring and I got it...now talk him into this one too. 

Much love,

I need ideas! If you have any leave a comment with a link or just a suggestion about an anniversary gift. Thanks!