April Fool's @ Sage

April 1, 2010

This was hands down the best prank ever pulled at Sage. Just in case you don't know Sage is where I worked before the wedding/grad school and where my husband is working while we are waiting on him to get in graduate school. Keep in mind Sage is a "nice" restaurant, needless to say the group of servers there now and that were there when I worked there are nuts.

Jeremy texted me today asking me to come up to the restaurant and bring my camera. Being that it was April Fool's I figured he was trying to prank me so I didn't go until I got the prank out of him and realized we were torturing Rachel, who works at night.
This is what the table setting looked like before Jeremy, Dillon and I got a hold of it.
The guys working on foiling Rachel's table. Needless to say both managers were in on this, and when the head chef saw it he apparently cracked up.
Finished product. Jeremy even managed to foil the cloth napkins.
Individual setting. When we went back by to see what Rachel said she made it very clear, after a lot of foul language, she wasn't even going to try to get the foil off...she just got new ones. I was really hoping to see her attempt to peel the stuff off haha.

Candle holder, salt, and pepper shakers all got covered.
Even the candle got foiled.
Dillon did a great job cling wrapping the chairs to the table. Apparently it took them a few minutes to figure out we had attached the chairs to the table. Poor night servers. Thankfully I don't work there anymore, Rachel made it very clear not just Jeremy and Dillon, but the whole day crew would suffer greatly. And I assure you when she is going to prank someone she is going to out do anything they could think of. That is mainly the reason I like Rachel so much, she is just plain crazy. Hopefully I will be able to get a photo of whatever she does to the guys.

What is your best April Fool's prank?