10 months down 2 to go

April 7, 2010

It has been almost a year since our wedding. Two months from shy of it actually. Luckily no one is dead and we currently both have all of our hair...and no broken bones. And the cops haven't been called once. I'd consider this a major accomplishment considering what is shown on the Maury show daily{haha}....plus there are no babies with questionable "baby daddy's." Good year.

Currently we are in agreement about going to Galveston for a few days after I get out of school and before Summer Session 1 starts. Whoo Hoo! I haven't been since I was windblown and nearly given away to a nut case stalker waiter by these girls (I'm in the center) two summers ago.
And was stalked to death by this little fellow while attempting to lay out in what felt like 60 degree weather.
This last one is of my best friend and MOH Gabby and I.
Love the girl but she needs to update her blog from time to time.

Can you believe how tan I was?? Yeah me neither, the kids keep asking why I started off the year so dark and gradually faded. I just keep saying "Cause Mrs. B doesn't want cancer anytime soon." But do they care, no, they want me to have a tan. I want one too...but I am too lazy to pick my butt up and head to the nearest mystic tan.

What are your favorite beach vacation spots?