November 19, 2009

Two school days left until Thanksgiving break! Whoo hoo!

I finally got my Smart Board installed yesterdsay...that thing is WONDERFUL. If anyone knows of any good Smart Board websites let me know.


  1. Man I wish I was a least during Thanksgiving and Christmas break ;)

  2. I don't know the name of the exact site, but google smart exchange and it's a website where teachers post smarboard lessons they've created and you can download them. You can also google "topmarks key stage 1". That's a Canadian website that has lots of smartboard lesson links. Key Stage 1 would be equivalent to 1st-2nd grade so your kids might be Key Stage 3 or 4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY SMART BOARD. My bulb in my projector went out and while I'm waiting on the parish to replace it I feel like a lost puppy in my classroom without my board. I've had mine for 3 years now and it's hard to revert back to teaching old school. If you need anymore help let me know!

  3. Oh and I just rememberd, you can go to our parish website and under the special populations link there are several smartboard games you can download (wheel of fortune, jeopardy, multiplication kooshball, etc.) You'll have to personalize them for your kids, but it gives you a template to work with. Hope that helps!

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