{hodge podge}

November 20, 2009

Like Erin @Blue-Eyed Bride I have had a hard time thinking of things to blog about...but yet have had a ton of things going on...but none seems exciting enough to blog about. I liked her hodge podge of a post so much I am going to copy cat;)

-After lunch today I started to feel a little sick, it has now turned into a full blown cold. Yay.
-The Old Navy commercials that have been on TV lately have me itching to buy cardigans...a few to many dollars later I have a little more than a cardigan. Thanks Old Navy...you took my money by hypnotizing me with your flashy commercials.
-The new chew proof dog bed I bought at Sam's is awesome. Maddie has yet to chew through it. And trust me she has tried.
-The more pregnant ladies I come in contact with lately the less I want to ever get pregnant. At this point I can imagine ever wanting to get pregnant. Child birth and the kid turning 5th grade age is a baby turnoff.
-I am starting to notice that due to the tone of my voice people don't always hear exactly what I am saying. Sometimes concern sounds negative from me.
-Life never turns out how you think it will. This whole year has been proof of that.
-My sister is having a baby in January, perfect excuse to shop as Kelly's Kids. Oh I love Kelly's Kids.
-The five pounds I have put on since August has me freaked out, I really don't want to put on my winter weight again this year. If I could get back into working out I could lose it.
-Jeremy is graduating in a few weeks and I really want him to go to school in south Louisiana so we can move, but I have a lot of fun at my job and would hate to leave.
-Finally, I kinda got a complaint...a parent said something about us treating the kids like they are in military school{granted I do act like a drill Sargent some days when they kids aren't compliant}...but a few weeks ago I was told I just needed to put my thumb down on them. So what is the happy medium? 

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  1. YAY you finally mentioned me..after having this thing for a year.
    --Laura :)