Louisiana State Fair

November 7, 2009

Like all skinny girls with a fat girl trying desperately to escape I have compiled a list of vendors I plan to hit up today at the state fair.

Beef n' Taters : Sweet potato fries and beef empanadas--Who could pass that up!
Dippin Dots: Um duh. I could eat those things till I exploded.
Stanley's Gyros: anything Greek is straight up my ally.
Barb and Jacks Cook Shack: Boudin--again I could eat this everyday all day.
Festival Food: cookie dough on a stick---Never had it but I might have 3.

I am going to quit now, I don't want to list the other 32 places I plan to eat at...someone would likely insist I post before and after pictures of the event. I just may need an electric scooter to get out of that place today. Who knows how I am going to make it to the hockey game tonight, I am bound to be in a food coma by 5.

Oh I love state fairs! Hope y'all have a great Saturday! And Happy Birthday to my cousin Rebecca!


  1. you need to fast two days in advance that way you can pack in more Pop

  2. LOL at your Pop

    Have fun that sounds DELICIOUS!

    I'm sure it won't be any better than your cookin though!

  3. I am so jealous!!

    Have fun eating...
    don't forget to wear elasticated pants...


  4. Have fun and eat light next week. Ditto on the elastic waist pants.
    Aunt S.