catch up

November 5, 2009

Can you believe tomorrow is Friday? I sure can't! It's bitter sweet though, I also have a grad school assignment due, dang teachers. It has been a long and interesting few days though, and luckily there are only about 11 schools days left until Thanksgiving break{whoo hoo}. This week has been fun, but darn busy. I can't even remember what I did Monday but Tuesday I went to Haven at the BCM with my friend lasted later than we were both wanting it to but they had a great message that night about marriage and commitment. Last night Jeremy and I helped with the junior and high school service at church, it was so much fun, the band was awesome. It is so nice to finally have busy weeknights, but gosh I am tired. I was doing so good at waking up before my alarm went off but these past two mornings have killed me.

I am not completely sure what we are doing this weekend, Jeremy said he took off Saturday. But I think it has something to do with a hocky game and the state fair with some friends...considering I'm a horrible listener we could be going cow tipping in Jonesville for all I know though.

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday...and weekend! I haven't been this excited about Friday's since high school.


  1. Cow tippin in Jonesville, gotta beat a hockey game. haha
    Aunt S.