Di Vinci vs Dicaprio

November 12, 2009

A child actually said this today:

What is the difference between Leonardo Dicaprio and Leonardo Di Vinci?

I literally sat there and stared at the kid for a bit, then the kid went on to say...

Was Leonardo Di Vinci alive when you were born?

...at this point I was about to fall out of my chair. Then...out of nowhere...my little goofball said this:

(yelling) You know that weird janitor who looks at teacher's butts? He goes to my church and looks at people's butt's there too!

At least tomorrow is a half day...or I just may die. By lunch I was ready to be taken to the nut house. Oh and has anyone else ever had a kid poop their pants and get mad when they are forced to call home. Or one that has a wet spot from front to back that could only have gotten there from urinating on one's self and swearing it was from the water fountain. All I have to say is six school days until Thanksgiving!


  1. That's okay. I was telling my kids about Veteran's Day yesterday and after a 15 minute movie and another 15 minute follow up from me, I had a kid ask how to spell "Happy Veterinarian's Day" for the poster he was making. Glad to know he was kind of listening! Gotta love kids!

  2. If a fifth grader is using the bathroom on himself, he may have a medical problem.
    Also, they do not listen and will tell you the most irrelevant stuff and stuff you really don't want to know. We have a half day today, too. Thank God. I had a sub Tuesday for the first time this year because I was at a teacher's conference in BR. Well, she did not discipline at all and now I'm retraining them! I will NOT miss another day unless it is an emergency! Little nuts!
    The thing I am most thankful for at Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving break itself. =)
    Please pray Larry finds a job by Christmas. Dec. 26th is the last day for the Pineville mill. :(

  3. Oh he doesn't have a medical problem. He has a mental problem, he does that mess for attention...he is the middle child.

  4. Maybe I'll try that!

  5. This reminds me of one of my high school students who asked if they used real dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. And she goes to a gifted math and science school.

    This is why I hate kids of today. :P