2020 - The Year of Needed Change

January 1, 2021

As we are wrapping up a two week Christmas at our house I thought I'd share a little about out year, on top of the Christmas recap. 

At the risk of being offensive to anyone who might read this that we know, I apologize, but it's the truth. 

By January of 2020 I was praying for a way out of the job I was in. It just wasn't a good fit. In 12 year of teaching this would be only the second time I jumped ship and the first time I was honestly thinking of jumping mid year. I kept going, but I kept praying for a way out. 

Then March hit. I took a personal day because I was beyond drained, the next day I somehow had a stomach virus, and the next day the world was cancelled. 

I was out. 

The agony of the year was over . I was home and able to start working out of the depression I had found myself in. By the end of spring I officially quit and started the nervous search for a new position in the middle of a pandemic. 

It wasn't easy, but I found a wonderful place. I'm not even kidding you when I say my non-crying-self nearly cried daily from happiness at work. When I left Delcambre I had to find another Delcambre. You can't get a taste of that work environment (no matter how stressful it was trying to stay at the top of the school game) and then never have it again. 

But this fall we have thrived, in the most stressful virtual hybrid way ever. Harry is back in speech and has an amazing Kindergarten teacher. 

Oh how I have prayed for that. 

I adored her before, but after our IEP meeting I have grown so much more respect for her knowledge and understanding in the developmental aspects of early childhood education. 

My coworkers and class are amazing. Granted 5th graders will be 5th graders... they've been just what I needed after our move from South Louisiana. While much of what is fun in 5th grade has been cancelled or re imagined due to Covid, we are still doing our best to have fun and look for the positives in what we can do. 5th graders have to be reminded of this often, they don't naturally look at the positives. 

Now for Christmas... 

We saw Santa at The Sumit and I had to sit in to restrain our current Santa fearing child. 

The boys got a Lego table that converts to a regular table. Harrison had his Mario Lego dreams come true and Elliot got all the trains and Muppet Babies. We also got a swing set but that will go up whenever the HOA decides to okay it. 

After a week of quarantine we headed out to visit our parents. We stayed in Vidaila a few days and went to Monroe to see my MIL for an outside socially distant visit. 

We also burned a bit of energy down on the river. 

Those colors y'all! I snapped this when the sun was setting behind me. 

That about sums it up around here. Now for a few more relaxed days before we are moving and grooving again... and having to wear masks all day every day.