Yardi Gras - Brotherly Love - & Blood Tests Don't Lie

January 16, 2021

 I find the funniest thing about brothers is their undying love for each other and then the complete opposite feelings the next minute. 

Last night was a "People Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Best Friend" night. You could all but hear Harry Nilsson singing it in the background. 

I don't say this because they were the easiest going of people I've ever taken to Hobby Lobby. In fact they were rowdy, loud, and driving me insane with their need to sit in the buggie and giggle it around while I tried to shop. 

Just FYI - embroidery floss and gel food dye are not the items to delicately toss into a wild buggie of boys. 

While I was trying to unlock the car I snapped the pic above, they were treating the hood of my car like a drum and cackling away. 

I'm also in the phase of trying to slowly gather decor again. Next year I'll a touch more (gotta go easy on that $$) to my Mardi Gras decor. I've got a few things in my Amazon cart, but after getting Jeremy to agree to let me buy a NolaBee door hanger for every holiday that will happen this year... I gotta go easy on the requests. 

It's funny how when you're in Louisiana you don't need to make it feel like Louisiana. However, when you leave Louisiana you have to go out of your way to add some Louisiana to everything. 

Trust me, if I was made of money we would be full blown Yardi Gras this year. 

I was asked a question the other day and thought I'd clarify some Mardi Gras for my nonLouisiana people that visit me here. Mardi Gras goes a little like this...

Feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6) >>> parades ensue and are a weekly occurrence (we even had to reschedule church in Thibodaux because the route came in front of us - this is considered Carnival Season >>> Lundi Gras (Shrove Monday) - Zulu and Rex parades happen on this day but it is just one of the final two days of parades and king cake purchasing >> Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday) - this is the last day of parades and you are supposed to eat rich fatty foods before Lent begins. >>> Ash Wednesday - This marks the first day of Lent and you will see all of your Catholic friends with Ashes on their foreheads as a sign of mourning and repentance to God. 

Looking up the specifics I was actually wrong in my thoughts the other day - turns out Mardi Gras depends on the date of Easter. I knew it was 40 days before Easter, but was thinking at the time it was effected by Epiphany Day. Mardi Gras can run from as early as Feb. 4 to as late as March 17. I honestly prefer a mid to late Mardi Gras because my birthday is Feb. 25. 

FYI  for the non resident folk - it's unlucky to eat King Cake outside of Mardi Gras season. And the baby... if you get that you have to buy the next cake. 

Now on to more pressing matters. 

The impending 35 is not treating me well. 

If I'm being transparent, I feel homely and old. My skin shows it. The masks just make my acne worse and is so blah. I've gained 10 lbs during quarantine and nothing, not even underwear fits right. 

The icing on the cake was getting my yearly health screening at work for our insurance. It showed right in my face my weight gain, my cholesterol being all out of wack due to the weight gain, and even my blood glucose being 10 points higher. 

So yes, I'm still back to working out and on week 2 of it. Wed - Friday wasn't the best of eating. I did my best Thursday and Friday but didn't track macros. At work I ate the lunch that was graciously provided instead of my old self denying eating fun food for the sake of the scale. It was insanely yummy and one of my favorite meals - bbq. 

But if I'm being totally transparent, I know it takes time to get back down, especially when you are not getting the added benefit of nursing a baby. Gosh that sheds weight for me. I just wish one week would get me back to where I previously was. 

But those numbers from the blood test, they don't lie. I can't very well see those same numbers next year. 

Has anyone else struggled with this? Share with me in the comments how you've been dealing with quarantine weight gain.