7 Handmade Gift Ideas For Men

December 24, 2020

Men are definitely difficult to buy for! Most of them seem to have already everything they want, except for the ridiculously expensive things.

Handmade gifts are a great way of showing someone that you care, and they will always be totally unique because you made them.

Here are some great ideas for handmade gifts that men will enjoy and actually use.

Leather laptop case

If you’re getting a gift for a man who works on a computer, then making them a leather sleeve to keep it safe and protected is a gift that is both thoughtful and useful. The guide linked above uses leather that they have bought specially, but you could just as easily repurpose an old coat or bag or even grab one from a thrift shop.

Wood serving board

For the man who loves a cheese board, or who just loves to serve food to people! To make this wooden serving board, all you’ll need is the right sized chunk of wood (which you can buy in a craft store or on Amazon), sandpaper and a stiff brush to clean it, and mineral oil to seal it ready for serving food. 

Tread belt

For the petrolhead in your life, you make them a stylish belt from old tires. Not only will this look great, but it’s a perfect way to reuse tires that would otherwise go to a landfill. 

T-shirt blanket

If you are giving a gift to a man with an extensive t-shirt collection that he never wears, then turning it into a blanket for them could be a wonderful gift.

Perhaps they have collected t-shirts from every gig that they have gone to, or perhaps they just have a lot of t-shirts with cool designs that they refuse to throw away. Whatever the reason, a t-shirt blanket is a great way for them to actually get to see and use the t-shirts they love so much. And as an added bonus, you can clear out some closet space. 

If you don’t fancy sewing the blanket yourself, the talented team at myt-shirtblanket.com will do it for you. All you need to do is send the shirts over, and they’ll send you back a gorgeous blanket.

Shave soaps

There’s no rule saying that men can’t enjoy a little pampering too! These handmade shave soaps are a great way to turn shaving into a miniature spa session.

DIY beard oil

Men who love their beards will be overjoyed with this DIY beard oil, as it will leave their beards soft and smelling great! The great thing about a DIY beard oil is that you can choose a fragrance that you really like, and you can also choose oils that have other benefits. For example, did you know that rosemary is great for promoting healthy hair growth?

Necktie glasses case

A glasses case made from a tie is a great stocking filler that can be made quite cheaply, just pop to your local thrift store and see which ties you can find.