The Days I Don't Want to Forget

January 29, 2021

 If you like funny stories about the kids, this post is for you. I find myself trying to put things into Instagram posts so they show up in our Chatbooks for fear of forgetting the quirky things the children do. 

But hey, that's also what the blog is for. 

Nothing too interesting here, but Jeremy finally finished the play house yesterday and the kids were beside themselves with excitement. Harrison was chattering on about it on the way out to the car this morning again. 

Elliot is back in another "6 month mood swing," which is how we basically describe his growth spurts. He will hit a phase where he can't communicate as well as he would like or can't do something... and then has a fit constantly until he reaches his goal. 

This week though, he had two quite funny moments.

 1) I told him to stop dumping water out of the tub, and pulled the stopper. As I was bent over pulling the stopper he dumped a cup of water on me! I couldn't quit laughing at it.

 2) He's been having a fit if you won't brush his teeth three times. I appreciate his commitment to clean teeth, but we all know he really just wants to taste the "paste," as he calls it. 

Now that I'm typing, there was a 3rd moment this week. I've had to periodically lock the water feature on the fridge. Elliot, fully believing he is on par with Harrison, grabbed a step stool and attempted to fill up his own cup. He filled up the floor instead. 

He is really benefiting from a tired mid-30's mother who just can't fight every battle these days. Don't even ask how many oranges he bit into before I noticed yesterday evening. 

Harry insisted we go on a "fitness walk" the other day. His main concern for our neighborhood being that no one else celebrates Mardi Gras. 

This boy would like to celebrate all holidays, decorate for all holidays, have a playlist for all holidays. You think I'm kidding... I'm not. It's never been me to get into things, but now I'm getting into them for Harrison. 

Last but not least, the kids have discovered that I am my father's daughter. If you can make me laugh you generally stay out of trouble. 

Two things happened during our virtual day on Wednesday. 

Harrison was supposed to be watching a phonics video while I was still writing lesson plans. I got to the end of a section and turned around to check on him... I saw only his tail end crawling out of my door. So I said, "Boy, where are you going?" And I kid you not, he gets on his knees, hands clasped, and I hear this come from his mouth, "Dear Jesus, please protect me." 

Y'all I howled! 

I can't deal with this level of nonsense. It seems the nonsense gene in this family only heightens as it passes further down the line. 

Then later that same day I made him swear on his life that he wouldn't show up in my class wet. Stay away from puddles! Come back dry. 

Low behold the child comes down the hall with wet shoes not an hour later, and a handful of flowers. "Mama, will you ever forgive me?" 

Of course I laughed again, he giggled because he knows he's crazy, and I made him spend the rest of the day without shoes... he wasn't mad about it either. 

Boy, am I going to have some gray hair and stories by the time these two run off and get married.