The Great Christmas Clean Up - Epiphany Day

January 7, 2021

What do you even say after a King's Day like yesterday? 

I bee-bopped home, paying attention to the Kanye trending on Twitter situation, and started taking down all of Christmas and putting out Mardi Gras. 

My main issue of concern being the every impending fuss of trying to find a killer standard king cake recipe (I love my French one but need a regular one too) or just purchasing more king cakes from Alabama this year. 

I'm trying a recipe this weekend by the way...

I've never commented on political issues, protesting, any of it on social media... ever. I've been on these platforms since their beginning and have blogged since the late 90's... nothing... not a peep from me people. 

In real life I'll speak my opinions, but not here. 

I'll say this though and I'm sure y'all will agree, it's heartbreaking seeing what happened at the Capital yesterday. But good grief if those people didn't rally to stay up all night for the Electoral College. Especially after the fear they must have faced yesterday. If you didn't see the Pence/Pelosi elbow bump, go find it. 

In more pressing news, my mother-in-law sent us home with a tub of Christmas Popcorn. 

Elliot has subsequently quit eating dinner in favor of watching me cook dinner while he sits on a stool and eats Christmas Popcorn. 

 Now, go find yourself some decent king cake and fill up on Christmas Popcorn. 

I'm going to pretend those bags under my nearly 35 year old eyes aren't really happening right now.