Modest Modern Mama

June 5, 2017

This is a post is a collaboration with Modest Modern Mama, it does not contain affiliate links. 

I'll be honest with y'all, I've had a bit of a fashion issue as of late. 

Shorts seem shorter, rompers are clearly more see through, and swimwear covers less than lingerie. 

Finding clothing that fits how I want to live my life, is functional, and still cute, has just become hard to come by. Luckily I know a former blogger who started selling clothing on an online boutique a few years ago and that helped me survive pregnancy, thank the good Lord tunics were in then. 

I wasn't much of an online shopper before that. 

Now-a-days I am, thanks to a toddler who crawls under dressing room doors and leaves... and I can't exactly chase him without a top on. 

All of this brought me to a newer online clothing boutique (who just this week announced on her IG that she'll be offering at home Pop Up Shops) owned by a lovely Christian mama from Central LA who happens to share a bunch of mutual friends with me. 

As soon as I started browsing Allie's shop Modest Modern Mama I knew that I had to A) buy all the clothing and B) work with her in some aspect so that all my friends would find out about her lovely clothing shop. 

Her store name says it all, at least everything I'm personally trying to achieve... modest and yet still modern... and with the mama in mind. Granted you don't have to be a mama to want to wear modest cute clothing, that is very reasonably priced by the way. 

The first outfit (I'll be getting my hands on more, gotta support fellow Louisiana ladies) I got my hands on from Modest Modern Mama is the Janet Tierd Babydoll Dress

By the way this is something else about me and my closet, everything needs to work for regular life, church, and work. I can't maintain 3 different wardrobes. 

This particular dress interested me because it was modest enough for work (teaching 3rd graders means your up and down and all around all day long) and toddler proof. I've got to be able to carry that kid without flashing everyone in line at the church nursery. 

It's fun, funky, and hippie enough to make me happy. 

Plus the dress is so comfortable it's like wearing a nightgown out and about. (And if you know my propensity to wear workout clothing and no makeup then you realize just how important comfort is to me.) 

Be sure to check out Modest Modern Mama for yourself, when you visit their website and subscribe by email you'll get 15% off your first order. Plus MMM runs giveaways on their Instagram so be sure to follow them there as well, and on Facebook!

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