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June 30, 2017

This week, where do we begin...

1. We had dessert before dinner last week at The Steep House in Lafayette. It had really good everything, tea, coffee, air. Zero complaints here. Loved it. 

Harrison saw this little animal looking macaroon and started growling at it... which then led to his barely speaking self to walk up to the counter and try to order it for himself. There was a lot of babble and pointing, proving my point that he was trying to get the lady to hand it over. 

2. For the child that doesn't like to color. Painting a poorly hand drawn ninja turtle was right up his ally and got me a solid 30 minutes for "not watching tv" twice this week.

3. We also met up with a buddy of his a few times, zoo & two library activities. He warmed up to the zoo stuff, but good grief we had a major fail at the library. He needed a shirt that just said "two and cranky." 

The second library attempt went so badly that I spent most of the time in the bathroom attempting to reason with an unable to be reasoned with two year old. When he finally got in a decent mood he was a tad louder than I would have liked in the library... but we were in the little kid section. So I gave him a pass. 

The library worked did not give him a pass, so I scooped him up and walked my shamed self out the door with the now typically disgruntled toddler. 

I'm starting a sentence with the for the 3rd time but... the toddler mom balance with how much punishment or reaction a situation deserves in public is difficult and tricky. At home I'd walk away and let him realize that I don't acknowledge that behavior... and he stops. In public I can't decide if mom's are judging me for not being more harsh or thinking I'm too harsh. What do you do? I feel like I'm drowning in a straight jacket in these situations. 

4. On a lighter note with zero photos I finally broke down and ordered more It Cosmetics CC Cream. It's the best, especially for someone like myself who doesn't wear foundation or heavy makeup. Or at least not heavy face makeup. I had seen it on QVC quite some time ago and it had a better price than Ulta. Originally I wanted the brush with the CC and it would have been just over 40.


When I finally needed more they had the CC Eye Cream with CC Cream (granted not my illuminated but I will do just fine without the constant glowy haze) for the same price... 43.56. It's such a good deal since just the CC alone is $38 everywhere.

Here's the link if you're interested >>> here.

5. I saw someone share the Cajun Doris videos on Facebook the other day and couldn't quit laughing. Mainly because it's such a good picture of the most exaggerated Cajun women. It's just funny.

> Here's a link to her channel <