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June 23, 2017

It's Friday, so let's recap the week... or week-ish. Almost nothing has happened this week thanks to deal old Tropical Storm Cindy. 

She barely made an appearance... but that didn't stop the universe from closing down this week. 

1. This was the night before the supposed storm hit. I thought the whole "Red Skys at Night, Sailor's Delight" was a tad off, turns out it was right. We dodged the storm, which was great because our town floods with a minor sprinkle. 

The town I teach in though floods with a north wind (pushes everything from the Gulf up into the bay and so forth) and they got a bit of flooding. 

2. Jeremy went in for his post operation appointment  last Friday and it went great. Again, this is another wife report. His eyes were watering something severe when they were pulling the splint out and suctioning his sinuses. If I were recapping that on about my own body I would tell you how awful it was and I'd never do it again. But he is a trooper and hopefully this was the last surgery.

After surgery I picked our lunch spot and we had my favorite restaurant in Houma, Big Al's. Not only is everything on his menu stellar, but I have dreams about their crawfish dip.

3. I don't know if I've talked about Live Clean Baby on here, but I got the body wash and lotion as part of the Darling VoxBox from Influenster and absolutely love it. I honestly can't get over how awesome their products are. I've searched high and low for something with the baby scent that doesn't dry my hands and his skin out and I found the winner. Plus it covers up that little boy covered in dirt smell great. 

 4. If you haven't read the recap of our road trip to Pawhuska, OK you need to. I highly recommend going to The Mercantile if you've been a long time PW reader. This is basically the new version of Paula's The Lady & Son's with bonuses.

You can read it here and here.

That's Walter by the way.

 5. The newest Voxbox I've gotten for free from Influenster is the Playa & it's just as awesome as every other one I've tried. This one boasted a coupon to get the new Daisy Sour Cream that is in a squeeze container... all the praise hands over this. It also had a long time favorite of mine, Franks RedHot sauce, we're hot wing people over here. I'm going to break out the Colgate Optic White and see if it is on par with my other whitening toothpastes. And last but not least the Eva-NYC hair wipes, which I need to toss in my purse and see just how well they can tame hair in this humid climate.

I have had this bottle of Suave on my nightstand for a week not and it really hits the spot with my middle of the night dry hands situation. It's not overly scented so I'm not bothered by it at all. Which is a huge deal if you know me, I'd be eating a bottle of antihistamines quick if that lotion was super scented.

Oh and the added bonus is that I was on another 2 episodes of The Podcast Project, renamed The Mommy Project recently. Links below for both >>>

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