How to Gift Wrap a Pie Plate

June 28, 2017

My cousin got married a few weeks ago and since the bridal shower invite wanted guests to send a recipe I thought I's send a pie plate as our gift. 

This happens to be a cousin on the Old Fashion Chocolate Pie side of the family, so I gifted his wife with the pie recipe of her new hubby's Great-Great-Grandmother. 

I'm sharing this idea simply because the internet did not come to my rescue on this topic, by the way. 

In my attempt at pie plate wrapping I kept running into the same issue, boxes didn't fit the substantially sized Pioneer Woman Pie Plate. 

And yes I got them that because I am obsessed with her old fashion/whimsical designs. 

But y'all! I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to wrap this plate. It sat on the counter mocking me for weeks before I ran into an angel in Target. 

The older woman suggested I get a large clear cellophane bag, tissue paper, and tons of that Easter basket looking brightly colored stringy paper stuff. 

That's the technical term by the way. 

I plopped my pie plate in the bag. Made a cute little fake pie of white tissue paper & Easter basket paper shreds. Wrote a congratulatory note to my cousin and his new wife. And tossed in my most beloved recipe to date.

I gathered the top and made a make shift bow with a ton of ribbon and a handful of the brightly colored Easter basket paper shreds goodness and called it a day.

So that's it. 

It's not perfect or department store worthy, but it was an easy way to finally warp this oddly shaped present. 

I'm a gift bag gal by the way. Wrapping isn't my strong suit.