High Five for Friday

April 26, 2013

Happy Friday! 

I'm so glad the weekend is here, let's celebrate by talking about our 5 favorite things from the week:)

1. Jeremy had Orals Wednesday and officially passed his Comps! 
2. The weather has been pretty enough that I managed to squeeze in a few walks, one with a deranged            puppy. 
3. Yesterday was Jr. Achievement day at our school, my teacher didn't show up so my kids were split and I had a room of silence all day. I got soooo much done!
4. If you follow on IG you know I was having a lot of unexplained upper abdominal pain, I got my blood work back and it was all normal. Yay for no gallbladder issues! I seriously don't have time to have surgery this summer lol. We are thinking more digestive and food allergy related, and according to the Doc he wants to do more testing if I have another episode like that. (seriously I was doubled over in my classroom telling the kids to not talk to me, super fun.)
5. I'm getting so excited that school is almost out and Jeremy doesn't have summer classes! This is going to be the first summer in 5 years that neither of us have summer classes and will have the whole summer off, to job hunt and move of course. But it is free time none the less!

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What 5 things did you love about this week?