Things That Make Me Say Yeay :: Easter & Spring Break

April 1, 2013

In no particular is the life of the B family over the past few days.

Sunday we went to a friend's house for Easter, being so far from family it is really like to have people that kind of wrap their arms around you and make you feel like home when you can't actually be home. I was in the mood to bake and came up with a hybrid of my Better Than Pumpkin Cake and the Smores Cake I made Jeremy for his birthday...I'm going to post the recipe, but just know this is only round 2 of this cake. More tweaking to come.

Those little burnt bits are colored bunnies, WalMart didn't see fit to keep up the regular mini marshmallow shelf.

Yoga, oh yoga. I've been keeping up with it okay. I ended up having to do a double two days of spring break because I got behind. No bueno. Monday started the 3 day vegan cleanse, which is totally doable, but I really need to kick into gear as I move into the last two phases. I cheated enough for a good dozen people over Easter.

Remember how I said I'd kill my rosemary bush? I'm killing it. How on earth am I supposed to keep this thing alive?

Spring has finally sprung here, Jeremy and I scoured 3 snow cone places before landing at our usual spot. I just never carry cash, and most of the places here don't take check or cards. Boo! While I really wanted a marshmallow creme snow cone, we ended up not being able to get one there and got my usual Praline snow come:)

Rudy. I think we I forgot how tough puppies are. Goofball managed to get stung by a ground wasp this weekend and acted like he was dying, then Monday afternoon I noticed he had another bite on his neck. Poor dumb pup is just in trouble in our tiny backyard. On a Rudy side note, I found out at the vet last week that Rudy is no miniature doxie. Whomp whomp:( That explains why is only a pound or two short of Ellie and already as tall as she is. His mom was a standard, but dad was a mini...looks like he took after his momma.

On Good Friday we went to the David Platt Secret Church Simulcast, I really enjoyed it. We haven't been able to go before because we are usually at my parent's and there isn't a church there that ever hosts it. I highly suggest you go to The Church at Brookhills website and listen to it, Jeremy even said they already have the notes up from the sermon.

I am definitely missing this little dude, he just cracks me up. The night before I left I made him "banana ice cream" with the Yonana maker, he wanted to be impressed...but it wasn't happening. Poor thing kept asking me "What did you say this was again?" Then he'd take a bite and ask again.

Ellie is finally being loving to Rudy, she doesn't let just any ole dog cuddle with her. I caught them like this on the way back, Rudy had his front paws wrapped around her back leg. Later I noticed Ellie was cleaning his ears and face, that is the true sign Ellie loves you. I imagine it is weird for her to not have Maddie, but she has taken to little Rudy and moms him like she did Moo Bear.

Here is my Easter outfit, I really should have gotten a picture of Jeremy and I together. I thought about going the dress route but when I saw this top at Target I had to go with it, and the boots...well I can't exactly let go of winter just yet. I refuse! 

Also, those glasses. I'm doing a review later in the week on them. Just wait and see what all I've done in them and what I love and kinda love about this company:)