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April 6, 2013

I intended to post this yesterday..but life came first. Immediately after work Jeremy took me along to have our forms notarized for youth camp in June. Then right after that we went to one of the girls in the youth group's birthday party, then left there early to go see another student in the play Hair Spray at the local high school. Busy! So today....I clean and catch up on other parts of life. 


First off is Passionfruit Ads, I haven't mentioned it yet, but you may have noticed the blogger ads running in the sidebar aside from my usual affiliates. If you are a business, large or small, or a blogger I'd love to offer you ad space. 

For bloggers it's free, just use the code LABRIDESWAP at checkout. I really want to encourage you to do this is you are a beginning or long time blogger, free advertising is awesome. Every so often I scour the blogs to find someone offering free ad space and jump in. It is a great way to find new followers and expand your community. I have really appreciated the big bloggers who've helped me over the years for free, these days it seems everyone wants to charge. This is just my little way of helping out anyone who is interested in advertising. 

You can head over to either my Contact//PR page at the top or click here to buy your ad space. I'm currently running 5 button swap spots per month. 

I also offer 2 spaces for business, either a side bar, or one that runs below every post on my site. If you chose to advertise you have the option to host a giveaway or guest post, but it is completely optional. Just like the button swap, you can find it on my Contact//PR page or head over here to check out. If you happen to be a person I know IRL and catch me out and about ask for one of my blog cards and you can get a one time advertising discount code. 


Last but not least ::

If you are blog reader, not specifically just mine but in general, which if you are reading this then you are I really want to encourage you to subscribe to the blogs you read. Followers and subscribers are golden to bloggers for several reasons, the big one being their affiliates. While I can show numbers all day long, my advertisers and big affiliates want to know how many followers I have. Nothing makes a blogger happier than seeing that their readers subscribe, whether it be through Twitter, a Facebook fan page, Bloglovin, or just good ole GFC. 

Getting a subscription is easy. With GFC you can follow through your Twitter account, Google/Gmail, Yahoo, and the list goes on. My personal biggie that I'm working to get my subscribers to swap to is Blogovin, I would love you dearly if you followed there! Like cook you dinner, love you. 

If you'd like to subscribe through Bloglovin, which I'd love for you to do, you can do so by creating an account with them and following all your favorite blogs there (it makes reading and commenting really easy) or by signing in with your Facebook account. 

If you've noticed, most giveaways are geared towards subscribers, and for good reason. While this is a fun hobby for a lot of bloggers, we get opportunities to do things based on our readers. Companies like stats, and bloggers try to get their stats to match their subscriptions with linkys and giveaways. Be a super sweet reader and follow the blogs you read, and I'm not saying this for just this for every blog you read. 

Another thing you can do is comment and create relationships. Bloggers love comments. After Blissdom a lot of bloggers were talking about Jon Acuff and his blog post/comments about how to not be a jerk on the Internet. The main way to do it? Comment. While blogging can come off as super narcissistic, it is really just a Internet coffee date. I love when people comment and say more than "that looks like fun" because it gives me the chance to talk back and forth. If the commenter leaves a blog address I then have the chance to go check out their site and comment on their posts. Blog relationship keep building until you find yourself being a total creep and dragging your husband to meet total strangers that you really think you know because you are URL friends ha! 

All that to say that I just really want to encourage you to interact on the blogs you read, as well as subscribe. Nothing makes me happier than to get feedback from readers on a post, I don't want to just write for myself, I like the interaction. If you have a question or want to know something, ask. I don't think checking my email to find someone responded to a comment I left them, or left a comment on my blog will ever get old. 

If you're a blogger :: What are some ways you try to get readers to interact in your community?
If you're a reader :: What are some of your favorite blogs to read? 
(I'm always looking for new blogs)