All the Trashy Celebrity News You Don't Actually Need.

March 21, 2019


Life these days. I think I say it often but, who all is finding themselves paying more attention to parody news accounts and celebrity news?


My husband doesn't care to hear about this, so prepare your heart.

I'm a day late and a dollar short... but this college admissions scandal is hilarious to me. You know you're dumb as a sack of rocks if your mama is paying major money to Photoshop your cute little face on some athlete's body.

But while this appears to be an option, why not? Maybe I would have walked out of college with less student loans.

I heard one podcaster, wait that was on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me from NPR this weekend, mention that his mama could have been asked for $48 dollars to get into Yale and she would have turned that mess down.

Same. Same.

Lisa wouldn't be doing the college scam for me either buddy.



Wendy Williams comes out that she's living in a sober house and basically only allowed to leave with her 24 hour coach for Pilates and to tape her live show?!?!?


Possibly the saddest news of the week.

But at least they're letting her workout. I feel ya Wendy. I'm kinda needing a Pure Barre moment and haven't had one all week.

UPDATE: Supposedly her husband is behind this and made her go. But he also has a long standing girlfriend that he knocked up and bought a house for. Some insider from the show said she seems frail and under his control. #ShockedNotShocked

There's also a podcast that recaps all the Bravo shows that is basically the most hilarious thing ever.

I won't link to it [language riddled] and I won't technically admit that I listen. But it's hilarious and you need to check it out.

**If you're looking for inspiration, how to be a good mother, a bible study... this is not your podcast. This is simply some trash that makes you spit your coffee laughing on the way to work while there are zero children present and no husbands around because you are just trying to make it to Spring Break alive.


Now for Meghan Markle. I won't refer to her as a Duchess... because girlfriend is not on par with Kate.

Did y'all see that her maternity wardrobe is worth half a million bucks?

Prince Charles has been making it rain cash on that girl. She would have blown basically 1/3 of her personal net worth with that and Harry didn't get that much cash from the Queen Mother.

Speaking of Charles... he's pretty ticked off at the moment that photos were released of him and Camilla headed to the beach in Barbados. They're worth a look though. I say he's kept pretty fit for his age. But he has also been super strict with his diet/lifestyle for ages. Camilla, looking good for a long time smoker.


Let me also say I admire Kate's ability to rewear outfits and mix in cheaper items... no one can compete with custom Gucci Markle. I would just like to see her tone it down a touch.

Also... who is betting she delivers in London vs. the rumor she does some water birth at Frogmore House?

My money is on the Lindo Wing. Not because they won't allow for some hippie birth, but for security reasons. The Queen delivered at B-Palace, and Ann was really the first one (maybe Margaret) to have a hospital birth in the family. So that's not a big deal.

But the media would descend on them wherever they are. # SafetyConcerns

Now for the every forgotten true princess in the family...


Princess Eugenie is rumored to be pregnant because she posted to IG that it has been a whirlwind of a year. Let's be honest though, she's not super young and they've dated 7 years. If she is pregnant then
it's about time.


By the way...

Did y'all see that there is a tell-all style book coming out about The View?

Jenny McCarthy was quoted this week bashing Barbara and Whoopie for how they treated her on the show. Apparently the ladies are pretty nasty backstage. But let's be honest, no one believes that they are super sweet off air after seeing how they ripe each other to shreds on air every day. I personally wouldn't be your bestie after you yelled at me for a whole 30 minute Hot Topics segment.

The best part of it is when she mentioned hearing Walter's feet shuffling down the hall to come after her.

All I can picture is some gremlins running down the hall.


Honestly, I can't say I watch the show. It isn't even in my YouTube suggestions these days. They've just gotten so political that I could care less. But a tell-all about how nasty they all are? That could be some good car listening.

Thoughts? Feelings? What do y'all think about what's been going on lately?

And thanks for hanging around, if you made it this far, through my scattered brain celebrity gossip ramblings. 👏