UY // Week 1

March 7, 2013

Total Mind and Body Transformation

Week one is done. As of today I am on day 2 of week two, last week I had to miss a day, sadly. We went out to eat and I got super sick and tried to work through the detox yoga and let's just say twisting detox moves plus restaurant food don't mix. I've noticed the past few months just how sick I get when I eat out, let me tell you how much fun that is.

Now for week one specs:

Favorite workout - CrossTrain
The flows at the end of the hour are a lot of fun, however when I'm done with the workout I feel uber shaky. Good, because I know it worked. Bad, because now I feel like I am going to fall out in the floor any minute. 

Sleep - Much better than usual. I am sleeping deeper and according to my FitBit my sleep efficiency is up. 

Diet - Food wise it is great, I haven't hit a cleanse yet and I tend to eat clean anyway. Hence, the sickies hitting every time I eat out. I did splurge hard this week on our date night and then again at the youth fundraiser. It didn't help that Tuesday we had a appreciation luncheon for someone at school and after that insane day I ate my weight in brownies during tutoring. 

Weight - Down a pound, but I blame being up before I started the program on hormones. Water weight is a dirty thing. I haven't checked inches or anything else. 

Yoga - I am starting to notice my downward dog is much deeper, my heels are getting closer to the ground. I can make it through the workouts without minimal time spent in child's pose, during CrossTrain I nearly die in that twisting triangle with hands clasped that I dearly hated in P90X as well. Ugh, shoot my thighs! They burn like crazy in that pose. Yesterday in day 1 of week 2 I managed to get my hands flat on the floor for one of the bent over poses, this workout is seriously stretching me out, and I think I like it

Mood - Terrible. Not because of the yoga, just because of life in general. School stress with Common Core and the Compass system that lovely Louisiana has put into place is making me nuts. I've had good formal observations, but even with that the Student Learning Targets scare me. I hinged mine on LEAP and that test comes up in a week. Kill me now! With everything at work, any other negative garbage people want to throw at me sends me over the edge. It could possibly stem from a place where away from work, no one understands what teachers go through. Sometimes I just need someone to look at me and say that they know it sucks, because it does. Teaching would be easy if that was all I did, but it isn't, yet people think we lick lollipops and skip all afternoon. Public school is a harsh world. I really do enjoy actually teaching, teaching is fun, but everything else makes it so difficult. I just need a dark closet to hide in until state testing is over! Yoga manages to help for that hour I'm in it, then it's right back to the real world. Ugh. Sorry for the rant, it is officially mental breakdown Thursday. 

Maybe I shouldn't have ended with mood, or just stuck with my mood during yoga lol! Lucky for me there are no after work activities today, let the relaxing being...even though I have to do Cardio Yoga today:)