Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

March 20, 2013

I knew I should have grabbed my pins before swapping to the new Pinterest interface...because it looks fine an dandy but embed isn't working. Come on Pinterest! Works those kinks out before making me commit to something and not letting me return to the old one, this isn't marriage, it's a website! 

So this week, thanks to junky Pinterest, I just grabbed the pics and added the link above:)

But I digress...

I so badly want this poster with a map of Rome. This would seriously make me so dang decorating happy. 

Gold leaf terracotta pots, almost makes me want to replant my rosemary for the umpteenth time. 

This blogger's Whole30 results really made me decide to go though with it, I was teeter tottering on the edge...and this pushed me over. It's not about the looks, she didn't change much, it is about everything else. What I've experienced in 2 days is pretty nice:)

Getting my hair cut next week, and growing out my bangs yet again. I forgot how much I loved long bangs until I saw this pin! 

My love of all things British slightly drive my love of scones. When I am done with #whole30 I am making some scones. 

I'm from a tea tree oil loving family, this is good to know. 

I know they say not to Paleo-up your food on Whole 30, but I need some crunchy something and this Cinnamon Faux Crunch Cereal will save my life. Flax meal and hemp seed....I might need to replace that hemp with chia, who knows where to get hemp in the deep south.

I love a tan, but despise the sun. A high school friend's mother had skin cancer that came back in her lungs. That really sparked me to quit the tanning bed. Since our wedding I haven't set foot in a tanning bed once, while I desperately longed for the look. I am definitely going to try this out and see how it works, I've used the Jergen's lotoin before, but not in a few months...I'll have to start back. Home girl is pasty and it is getting hot down here already:)