Our Crazy New Addition :: Rudy

March 19, 2013

I've realized I have yet to actually introduce Rudy to the blog. 

If you recall our beloved baby dog died (tragically) at the beginning of February. Well my determined sister decided she was going to get me another dog for my birthday, not because we were dogless, but because I am a two dog kinda girl. Something about two doxies feels complete, just one and I feel bad for ole Ellie having to sit at home alone all day while I'm at work. Needless to say I forgot how she feels about babies and puppies, both are cute for short spurts but should be taken back home once they get comfortable (and annoying). 

Saturday the sun was out, and the pups stayed in the yard sun bathing all day in true dachshund fashion. So I snuck and and tried to snap a few pics while Rudy is still slightly small, he turned 4 months old at the beginning of March. Funny thing is, everything is still so new to him that it was super difficult to get him to hold still for a photo. He just wanted to sniff at the camera. He's a hot mess. 

 Meet Rudy :: the worst dog you ever did see.

He is quite the chewing mess, Ellie never ever felt the need to chew. This officially makes two red dachshunds that I've had that are obsessed with chewing. He carries a bone everywhere and gets super upset if Ellie takes his bone. 

As in howling and rolling around like he is having a temper tantrum, upset. 

Considering I've had Ellie 7 years and Maddie was with us for 4 of that I got use to saying "Girls" instead of their names. Now I need to stop calling this poor boy pup a girl, Jeremy does it too. He will just suffer gender confusion. Then again I plan on getting things removed before he knows his gender. 

Rudy, also known as Rue & Doodle Bug, is quite the ham. Everything I've read about male doxies is true, he is very much loyal and concerned with us. We had people over Sunday and when everyone finally left Rue climbed into my lap, rolled over so I had to hold him like a baby, and passed out immediately. He desperately needed cuddles.

I'm still waiting on Ellie to go into mama mode on him, she use to hold Maddie down and clean her face. I imagine it will take some times, considering it took Ellie a good year to decide we weren't getting rid of Maddie...or Jeremy for that matter. In her perfect world it would just be her and I living in my townhouse in Monroe and playing all day...alone. 

She may or may not have growled at Jeremy for the entire time he was at my townhouse the first time...she also sat in between us. He is the only person she has ever done that to.

She is warming up to little Rue though. 

As soon as she stops taking his bones in the middle of the night I'll be fine. That poor puppy thinks he needs a toy or bone 24/7 and is seriously disheartened if you take it away. He is so funny about how he has to be with Ellie, but doesn't like how she torments him. Rudy obviously came from a litter, where Ellie spent so many years alone she is perfectly content that way. 

Hopefully I will have this one a bit more trained a tid bit faster than the others. Sitting just isn't in his vocabulary, but I am soon going to break out Nanny's puppy training go to -- marshmallows. 

Literally the only people food they ever get, and it ends the minutes they learn a few tricks.

If sitting can actually be considered a trick.