So Long Google Reader!

March 15, 2013

Honestly, I've been slightly irritated with Reader for awhile now. I've been unable to actually unfollow blogs I no longer read, and had to click more than I wanted to just to get past them. So on that aspect of Reader, I am fine with seeing it go. 

On the other hand, what do we use now? 

I realize outside of bloggers, many might not use Reader. I totally get it. This however is the easiest way to keep up with the 100+ blogs you find and love over the years without having to bookmark them all and look at them daily. That is the beauty of Reader, it delivered new posts without me having to track them down. Joy! 

So as of July 1st it's gone. So long. Bye bye. No more Reader. Don't think it's just Reader that Google is singling out, nope, they are doing away with a few things in fact. Looks like bloggers aren't the only ones irritated lol! So what do we do now? Where do we go?

On Twitter and through the blogs I read everyone seems a bit divided. For a moment I thought Feedly was going to win, but Bloglovin seemed to pull through and even out the score. I just got my Feedly account running, until tonight it was being glitchy. That has therefore brought me back to my once neglected Bloglovin account in hopes of actually using the site as a RSS Feed Reader, and a way to track readers incase GFC ever actually does cease to exist like they've said it would for so long. 

Maybe it is just the impending death of Reader, but Bloglovin actually suited my fancy this time. 

Either way it will take some getting use to, and it seems I need to go pin the 4 years worth of starred items in Reader. Super fun. Not. 

If you follow via GFC, or don't follow at all and are just a stalker like 75% of my family, I'd love for you to follow via Bloglovin. It'd make me super happy:)

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