Show Us Your Life :: Date Night Ideas

March 29, 2013

Today I'm linking up with Kelly of Kelly's Korner, you can head over there to see all the other date night ideas! 

Over the years we probably haven't dated as much as most couples do, this year we have really made a point to get better at it though. While a going out is always an option, some of my favorite have been low key and at home. Here is a little list of a few date ideas we've had:

1. Taking the dogs to the park and having a picnic at lunch.
2. Ordering takeout and watching a movie in bed.
3. Cooking a fancy dinner at home.
4. Go to a festival, get a ton of food from different vendors, lay in the grass, and enjoy the live music.
5. We've made a habit to try a new BBQ restaurant when we travel, one of my favorites.
6. If you can't afford to go out to eat, cook at home and go out for dessert. 
7. Bowling.
8. When we were engaged we went to a dancing class/ was so fun!
9. Breakfast/coffee dates are always a favorite.
10. Splurge and go to a bed & breakfast...with a jacuzzi. Jeremy always insists it has a jacuzzi:)
11. Our favorite, and how we started dating :: Go to see a local band in concert. 

What are some of your favorite date ideas?