Things That Make Me Say Yeay!

March 8, 2013

While I certain little doxie can be a total handful, every once in a blue moon he decides he has to cuddle with me. That is when I'm not doing yoga and he isn't pulling my ponytail, stealing my yoga block, and taking my socks!
Isn't this hot mess adorable? He was a little ticked that I had forced him into a harness so he could get use to it. 
Juicing! Oh my word, I'm in love with this juicer. Is it weird that I can't wait to get to the 3 day juice feast (really a juice cleanse but Travis Elloit of Ulitmate Yogi refuses to call it that, so he says lol). I need to make sure it happens on a few days while I'm home so it is more fun and less planning and pain, but oh how I love some fresh juice. Bad things happen when you juice a lot of beets, just take my word for it. Things get weird. 
Oh look! It's Rudy again. Ever since teaching interjections last week I feel I've been writing a bit interjection heavy. Ha!
I am constantly on the lookout for silence here lately. This week I had only a few girls  in the room working on things during planning and I could have died over the silence. If only kids understood the peace of silence, at least the boys. Boys are a loud, loud thing. Lord help me, if we ever have boys. 
These Lucy's cookies are to die for! While they are completely vegan, I don't think they will be allowed on that 3 day vegan cleanse UY requires. However, if, and only if, I am near my vegan death bed I will be breaking these bad boys out for some crunch. Granted it still isn't good to eat because it is processed, but it's the lesser of two evils. And frankly, the lesser of two evils is the best I can do some days. 
The blog I snatched this recipe from was right, this pie is the perfect example of clean food. It was my "birthday cake" by the way, that I didn't get time to make until a few days later. While it only contains bananas, pecans, dates, and a bit of vanilla it tastes like so much more. The crust is amazing, and honestly when I finish a slice I feel like I've had real down and dirty pie. 
While March 1 didn't make me say yeay at all, it has officially been a month since our Moo Bear died, this sweet card did. I'm a weirdo who can't give up my vet, and my dentist, back home. We've used the same vet for 30 years, my mom was actually pregnant with me when she worked for him back in the day. I just love him to death and completely trust his opinion with my babies, so for emergency needs here south of the...south (face it Cajun is much deeper than southern, it's a whole new breed of it) I have a vet I get meds from in town. So far I haven't had any emergencies that I had to bring the girls in for (I need to get use to saying something else since I no longer have 2 girls), but I do keep their records updated just so I can get meds easily. I called in a prescription for our flea meds and when the receptionist asked if I wanted separate boxes for Maddie and Ellie I just had to tell her what happened. It would have been to weird to not explain it. This past Saturday I got home to find a sweet card in the mail from them, and I got super teary eyed. The card was so true though, I can find comfort in the fact that I gave that pup everything she ever needed and wanted for the 4 years of her little life. This was absolutely the sweetest thing I've ever had a vet/doctor/medical anybody do, I just love the idea. 

What did you have to say yeay about this week?