Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best

February 6, 2012

The topic this week on BlogHer's Life Well Lived is looking your if you couldn't tell from the title. This topic actually falls into my New Year's Resolution to put more effort into my look. 

I'm not going to lie, I got a little lazy in 2011. No Makeup Saturday turned into No Makeup Everyday. Which isn't a bad thing, but then it crossed over into my clothing and was then "put in as little effort as possible at work". I wasn't a total slouch, but I could have done better. So I resolve to have cute hair, make up, and clothing this year without going broke in the process...because us graduate wives don't exactly have money to blow. The bookstore gets all my extra dimes. 

Back to the point: this week's questions. 

Do you have a favorite blogger or YouTube channel for hair tutorials? 
Do you create your own? 
What's your best tip for finding the best tips?

Now let's hit these up one at a time.

Do you have a favorite blogger or YouTube channel for hair tutorials? 
I don't actually have a favorite YouTube channel, I just tend to search for whatever I am looking for at the time. It takes a lot of video watching that way, but it gets good results. There is a blogger that has become popular on Pinterest that has great tutorials...
The Small Things Blog

This particular pin will link you to her tutorial on how to flat iron to get volume. She has a ton more of great styles, but she is a hair stylist so it is a given. Here are a few more of my favorites from The Small Things Blog:

Knotty or Nice Turorial

I just love her hair, makes me want to go blonde and go to beauty school so I can figure out what to do with this mop. Or get bangs again, maybe I'll just get bangs again. 

Do you create your own? 
I haven't created my own video tutorial, but I did do a review about this product

What's your best tip for finding the best tips?
Pinterest. It has become my secret weapon for finding ways to mix up my look. As much as I love fashion I just can't afford to update my closet every month, but thanks to all the great tutorials and fashion pins I can change my look without spending money. Which by the way is a big deal when your husband is in graduate school and you have been exiled from Ann Taylor Loft (not literally-but according to the husband I am). 

Changing your hair style with easy little do's is the best way to try new looks without having to chop, dye, or spend money. In my opinion Pinterest is the best free style consultant around. 

In case you are wondering I plan on trying the Knotty or Nice look tomorrow. 

What are your favorite hair tips & tutorials? Do you wear your hair the same or change it up often?

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