Dry Shampoo?

February 10, 2011

Okay, so for awhile now I have heard people talk about dry shampoo, going poo free, and just plain skipping days. Personally I haven't seen a picture of a poo free person's hair that would make me want to go poo free. I can't just plain skip washing my hair...I look like I dipped my hair in chicken grease the next day. So this dry shampoo thing sounded intriguing. 

{btw I've done the baby powder thing, makes me look funny and smell like baby butt}

So after watching a ton of Youtube videos that were just a bunch of girls reading the product label to me I decided to document my first adventure with the Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. What a better day to try than a Sleet Day from school. If it looks bad, no one has to see me. Okay except y'all...but disregard the lack of makeup and oversized university shirt.
So this is the starting point, straight out of the shower this morning...I wore a shower cap. 
Grease ball. But better than usual. I tend to put my hair in a pony tail and pin my bangs back with a bobby pin every night. 
This is after I sprayed it in. Makes your hair a bit white, but not as bad as some people said.I divided the sections up and sprayed my roots all over. A lot of people said to just do your crown...but I get greasy on more than just my crown. 
While waiting my two minutes I went to look outside and make some tea. Looks like it snowed a little overnight.
This is after I brushed it out. Better. But it made my hair feel oddly thick. But at this point I can't go to work with it looking all flipped out and bed head so I decided to put in the velcro rollers.
After I put in the rollers I sprayed my hair with a light hold hair spray...do not use Freeze It for this. You will look insane when you take them out and they stay that way.
Now blow dry your rollers on low heat to help them set.
While you wait go grab your chai spiced tea. 
Now take those cooled off puppies out.
It started off looking okay, I could go to work like this. But then things went a bit downhill and it started to flip back out. 
So I had to break out the big guns...Freeze It, bobby pins, and a straightener. Now that I straightened the front it is fine (I was trying to use this as a way to avoid the straightener a couple days a week but oh well). But the fact that it felt oddly thick I had to pin my bangs back and poof the mess out of it. 

Overall this will work out for a few days a week when I don't get enough sleep, or have early duty. My hair doesn't look as good as it does after washing, but for those duty days where I have to wake up at 5am, & leave at 6am just to get to work at 6:40am this will be great. It will earn me 30 more minutes of sleep. Which I need. Having to commute 30 miles to work everyday isn't easy when on non-duty days I still have to clock in before 7:10am. 

Not perfect, but PTL for an option that offers me more sleep!

**I was not paid or asked to do this review and this is in no way affiliated with the Tresemme company. Opinions expressed are mine. I bought the product myself and thought I'd share my experience with it.