Italy Day 6: Castel Sant'Angelo

February 24, 2012

Update: I just realized this was my 600th post! Yay!
 Today we are going to explore the inside of the Castel Sant'Angelo. This building was originally built for the Roman emperor Hadiran and his family as a mausoleum, but was later used by popes as a fortress. 
 Another one of the angels with the Vatican in the background. 
 This is another place we didn't have a guide for so there are few things I know about it. So let's just look at the pretty pictures.

 This is a map of the interior layout, as you enter the castle you walk up a slope to the top. The hallway seemed large enough to fit a horse through. 

 By the way, in these photos we walked around the exterior of the castle before entering, in case you were wondering how the order played out.

 If I remembering my popes right Clemens hid in the castle after the uproar caused by Martin Luther. He escaped only because he took all the papal jewels apart, sewed them inside his clothing, and gave them away as a means of bartering his way out of Rome. Clemens and his brother were part of the Medici family, and they only became popes because of their control and power. 
 One of the brothers had a child painted gold and dressed as a cherub at his little "welcome to  the papal" party (I'm baptist I have no clue what it is called). The child died a few days later from the toxins in the paint.

 The Tiber River in Rome and Ponte Sant' Angelo bridge.
 View of the Vatican from the roof. 

 We just couldn't get away from the Victor Emmanuel Building. 
 If you are looking for great views of Rome I highly suggest the Castel Sant' Angelo and the Victor Emmanuel Building, both have access to the roofs. You can actually get high enough to see the Alps at the VE Building, but it will cost 8 euros. 
 Why include the good pics what I can show what we actually looked like, who on earth knows what happened. But at least my hair looks good. 
 That man walking towards me was coming to tell me not to take this picture, oops.

 There were so many neat doors in Italy. Katie is 4'11'' just so you have an idea of how tall the smaller portion of the larger door is. 
 In the midst of taking this pic someone told Jeremy to pretend it was a toilet, so he did. Ugh.
 Looks like Voldemort right?

I was amazed at how quickly the weather changed, but then again we were on the coast of Italy. As we walked to the castle and even while we were in it it was dreary and rainy, as soon as we got out out came the most amazing blue sky. Weather never ceases to amaze me. 

Hope y'all enjoyed the pics today.
Where was your favorite place to travel? Or where would you like to travel?