[mardi gras in nola]

February 21, 2012

In no particular order, thanks blogger for iPhone, here is our New Orleans Mardi Gras experience. We started out at Uptown, but it was super crowded. Notice the kids on ladders...instead of holding your kid you put them on a chair attached to the top of a ladder. Yes, I may have lived in LA my whole life, but NOLA is a different type of Mardi Gras. I also couldn't see jack (hence the pic on the left) so we headed to Canal to see the parade when it got there. Keep in mind the beginning of the parade was at 5:15, it didn't make it to Canal until about 8 and we left at float 23 of 38 at 11:30pm. Long long long.

Will Ferrell was the king of Bacchus this year, here he is at Uptown. I was on my 6'3'' husbands' shoulders to get this pic, I was scared for my life.
Canal St. portion of the parade, the Godzilla floats had no one on them so people threw beads at them. Notice the trail of beads behind Godzilla's wife. 

Will Ferrell at the Canal portion of the parade. We were much closer here and I actually caught a bead off his float...it was nearly impossible to catch in the beginning since we were so far back for most of the time.
Louisiana music float.
Louisiana sports float.
Bacchus alligator

The guys being stupid.
I ended up with a lot of beads in the end, but not good ones...I wouldn't flash anybody haha! The only reason I got what I did was because I married an octopus. 

Happy Fat Tuesday!