{weekend before last}

February 24, 2011

 I can't believe I have put this post this far off. Procrastinate much? Here are the pics from V-Day weekend. Let's start with the snow day, Thursday 2-10-11.
 Why the guilty look Maddie?
 Oh, that is because nothing says boredom like eating my boot/slippers.
 I got payback though. I ate my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich next to her, and didn't share.
 We went back to work on Friday even though there was still a good 2 inches of snow everywhere. I took this pic at 3:20pm after most of it had melted and the temperature was around 40 or 50.
 My ever so classy husband gave me my VDay present early. He told me not to post but I thought it was hilarous! {I had told him not to get me anything but a card} He walked into my parents house holding a WalMart bag he had tied the handle into a bow on. It contained the following, the bear, some strawberry marshmallow candy, my card, and fuel injector. Priceless!
 While watching the baby wander around the back yard with my Dad I realized he was now breeding pigeons, or doves. Whatever the heck they were. I had never seen a baby piegon though, so this was really cool...and really ugly. I was young enough that its beak was still soft.
 Nap time, my dogs are always looking for someone to nap on.
 I thought this was just as weird as can be. Ellie has never wanted to sleep on me like this...at least since she was a 4lb puppy. But that is what Ellie wanted, so Ellie got it. I had the worst neck cramp afterward by the way.
 Valentine's dinner at Biscuits & Blues. We had their crawfish & mushroom stuffed beignet.
 Aren't they sweet? They love to share. Gross.
 This my friends is a picture of jealousy. When Laura picked up Ellie, Joshua walked up...bent over...and stuck his head under the dog as a means of pushing her out of the way. I think he has watched Ellie do that to much.
 It kind of worked.

 But he wasn't content sharing a lap.
 So out Ellie went.
Now someone please explain to me why you can't share your Mom's lap but you can share your cookie?

Hope you all had a good weekend before last...or that you at least managed to post about yours sooner than I did! Ha!