40 shades of khaki

February 6, 2011

When it comes to work attire I am a slave to khakis. I can't help it. They are easy, thoughtless, and comfy. But the boring beige is getting to me. I love color, and hate khaki. Hate it! Especially after wearing uniforms to school for years. But teaching has led me back to the bland land of easy.
I wear my Gap perfect fit every day, or my Old Navy version of the same pair. Same tan color. Just a different top. Which brings me to my other problem. I am also a slave to button front tops and v necks.
Now I add a scarf to the t-shirts. But other an a few more tees and scarves...that is my entire work wardrobe. Now I'd love to dress pretty every waking minute, but I am afraid I was born wearing a pair a jeans. 

In recent years it has gotten even worse. I need to get fitted for a new bra, yeah I know TMI, but this girl has gone straight sports bra when not at work or church. I'd rather be comfortable. 

Maybe that is my problem. I'd rather be comfortable than cute. 

I use to love shoes. I still do. But other than comfortable ones, I can't wear them to work. This winter has led me to buy some burlap TOMS. 

Comfort is king.

You know what makes it worse. I am cheap cheap cheap. I hate to spend money. I love to shop though. Ever since getting married I have upped the cheap factor in preparation of Jeremy getting into this program and us eventually moving. 

I need an intervention.

Or for the next 3 years to fly by fast. Because until J gets into his career field, I will continue to be a cheapo and penny pinch myself nuts. 

You see, its not that I can't put an amazing outfit together. It is that at this point I am to cheap to do it. 

I need a guilt free shopping spree stat! Before the khakis in my closet cause me to lose my mind. 

On the bright side I just bought another pair on jeans, on eBay...for $10.49. I also bid on 3 Loft items that I hope I win. Because this girl needs a new outfit B.A.D.