Fill in the blank Saturday...

February 26, 2011

...because I rarely get my act together on Friday.

1. I am currently obsessed withthis iPad Jeremy got me for my birthday! I honestly had no clue he was getting it. I thought I was only getting my new cross body purse from Vera Bradley. Needless to say the purse an iPad made this the best birthday ever. I'm using it to blog now by the way.

2.Today I amhappybecauseI am getting to spend the weekend hanging out with my family and my husband I rarely see.

3. The age I am is25and the age I feel is17. I don't feel this old at all, but love the idea of being 25! For some reason I feel like I'll get treated like an adult an not like a kid at work. I'm also in a new age bracket, no longer 18-24, I'm now 25-31 whoo hoo!

4. My favorite place is, right now, wherever Jeremy is. Sucks not seeing your husband but every once in awhile. Other than that, anywhere with snow.

5. Something I've been procrastinating ishomework. I despise doing grad school assignments. I also need to clean my car.

6. The last thing I purchased wasgas. And I nearly cried pumping $45 worth of fossil fuel into my Mustang that only holds 12 gallons. Gas is going to cause me to need a second job.

7. The thing I love most about my home is, this is a hard one with the hubs being gone an having two roomies. But I love all my antique furniture, it makes me happy just to sit in my Lincoln rocker an do my devotion every morning.

Hope you guys can read this, it only let me use HTML mode...