{why can't it be october year long}

August 22, 2010

I can almost feel it...at least I can pretend to with the AC on. I want Fall to be here now! October is probably my favorite month of the year. I just love leaving the windows open, the lack of lizards, Halloween candy, Fall decorations, and the smell of apple cinnamon candles. I have been spraying apple cinnamon air freshener everywhere in an attempt to evoke the happiness Fall brings while we are in the middle of the Louisiana summer from Hell. I love the way it smells outside in the fall. Why does summer have to smell like old sweat and dirt. The disaster in our backyard isn't helping the dirt situation at all. Ellie is disgusting, but there is no point in bathing her...she will only get grodier. 

Until October gets here I guess I'll just have to look at pictures of my happy place and huff any apple spice candle I can find laying around.

Okay, uploading Fall themed pictures only made me want the next month to fly by even more. If not for my sake for at least the sake of our electric bill. I can't wait for the Dec./Jan. $35 bill. Oh happiness.