Just cause I like this one doesn't mean I would like to take one home.

August 17, 2010

Do you know what the best thing in the world is? 

It is when your sister's baby lunges to come sit in your lap and immediately passes out. 

And he was out cold. That was 1 of 3 times Joshua passed out on me this past weekend. The second time was completely voluntary, but the third time he was getting on my nerves so I patted his butt and sang the ABC's along with Baby Einstein till he passed out...he tried to fight it by blowing raspberries, but it didn't work. Baby Einstein music and Meme win again

That was Saturday night while we watched Pop play music and my cousin Stephanie sing a few songs.

Sunday we celebrated my Mom's 26th anniversary of a 20 something birthday by eating Mexican food and Joshua decided to celebrate by doing this:
He has decided he loves to sit on Uncle Jeremy's shoulders. I personally think it is because he realizes the height affliction our family suffers from and enjoys being higher up on the giants  shoulders. He also like to play with his hair and blow raspberries/spit in Jeremy's hair while up there, as you can see in the picture the little monster has his tongue out and two handful's of hair. He also loves his little fat rolls to be exposed to the open air. Jeremy put him on his shoulders at the wedding Saturday and Joshua laughed so hard at me and the other Emily C. (I'll explain later) and we weren't even doing anything...expect provoking him to spit in Jeremy's hair more...which led to him spitting up in his hair. 
Okay for the Emily explanation. My maiden name starts with a C. Got that? Well my sister's two good friends from preschool were Emily C. and Kendra K. I am also Emily C. and my little sister is Laura C. Her friend Emily C. also has a little sister who happens to be named Laura C. too. How weird is that?