Teacher Week: Open House

August 9, 2010

I just found this great blog, Babbling Abby. If your a teacher you should really check out her blog and participate in Teacher Week and link up to other teachers! She posted 10 things about her as a teacher, so I think I will follow along!

10 Things About Me as a Teacher...

1. I steal things. I have stolen desk arrangements, teacher desk arrangements, test dates, tests, worksheets, bulletin board ideas, you name it and I can tell you where I got the idea. 

2. Mess drives me insane. I can't stand trash on the floor or finding pencils in weird places. Which is why my new classroom is driving me insane...total clutter.

3. I love teacher meetings that get you out of school for the whole day. Feels like playing hooky, without playing hooky. 

4. This will be my second year teaching. I am in the same grade but I got moved to Social Studies and Science, I have a feeling I will miss Reading. 

5. I had no idea I wanted to be a teacher until I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and had no idea what to do. As bad as it sounds this was my solution. 98% of the time I love it. 

6. I want to go back to school to be a Diagnostician after I finish my Master's. It would be my way to get back towards Psychology while still keeping the teacher hours and time off.

7. I don't think teacher pay is as bad as everyone says it is. We make way more than other parishes, and it pays better than anything I'd be doing with just a Bachelor's in Psychology.

8. I have made a promise to myself to do things differently from last year. I had no idea what I was walking into because of my zero experience, and it showed. I have a massive procedures list I made in one of the block classes this summer and I think it will help me achieve the quiet and happy classroom. Hopefully it goes as I want it too. 

9. I like teaching 5th grade so much that I am considering getting secondary certification in Psychology. I really enjoy the older kids and have no clue what to say to little kids. Of course, I am going to wait till after graduation before I take the test, for fear of having to take another class. 

10. My mom is a teacher and my uncle is a school psychologist. I think I have basically gone the career path that is in the middle of them. Started like Uncle Skip, ended like Mom. Needless to say my husband is also in the same Master's of Arts in Teaching program I am in... and just got a job today! Yay! Sadly our children will suffer the same why I did but twice as bad...no hiding report cards or teacher conference days. Poor future kids. Our poor future kids will only suffer from being outside from 6:30 am to 4:00 pm. Yeah I have to clock in at 7:10 and don't get home till 4. 

I can't wait to meet other blogger teachers! Hope everyone has a great first day of school!