School's Out For-the next two weeks of-Summer

August 5, 2010

I feel like I am behind on posting. I am in fact behind.

Last weekend Jeremy's Dad and Step-mom came to visit for the night after they dropped off a grandkid in Columbia. I just love them and we had a ton of fun. I also tried some new recipes that were awesome. I'll have to do a big post this weekend to catch up on stuff.

Yesterday was finals day. I was fine with this until (if you read FB or twitter you know what I am talking about) the professor said we would not be graced with the loveliness of a multiple choice final but instead a debate. She then split the class into Pro and Con for Inclusion and let us attack each other. I suck at arguing by the way. I am of Arnold decent, which according to Nanny means we are believers in the loudest one wins. I can't help it, I am not good at conveying points so I just get louder. Well without the proper setting to scream at people I was left to enter my thoughts for Pro Inclusion into a Moodle forum. Not fun. By the end of the day my post had the most replies (we only had to reply to 3 people), and the next person with the most only had half of what I had. I then decided to quit defending myself and called my sister to joke around about why Inclusion should be the norm. My conclusion after arguing for Co-Teaching and bringing up countless laws and acts that are in place: Special Ed kids should be included because the tiny metal building they keep them in don't fare well during a tornado. I had officially lost my mind an resorted to staying off the forum for the rest of the day.

We also celebrated J's 26th birthday yesterday. Brace yourself Mother, after a Caribbean Breeze at Samurai I was willing to sing "Happy Birthday". This is amazing to anyone who ever attended a childhood birthday party for me because I tend to cry every time I hear the song. I just hate it so much.  Anyway afterwards we came back to our house for Banana's Foster cake and the guys attempted to break dance in the living room.

I am about to head to the gym. Guess I will have to do a decent update with pictures later. But whoo hoo for no summer school. Only two weeks till school starts back up again(sad face).