Teacher Week: Must Haves

August 10, 2010

If you haven't checked out her blog yet you should! Go read some of Babbling Abby's posts, they are too funny!

Tuesday of teacher week = must haves. I didn't have a single "must have" until I was transfered. I'll skip adding it to my list but leaving your room spic and span for the upcoming year/teacher is vital. I left my room spotless...needless to say no one felt to do the same for my new room. At my old school I had everything I needed. I was in Smart Board heaven. And I thought classrooms didn't exist without a document camera and a laptop that played DVDs. I was wrong. So we will call this a wish list/must have list for now. I plan to raise hell to get my document camera back.

1. A Smartboard. I have one...I don't have my beloved document camera though. I loved using mine last year for roll, after the Saints win I had a huge football field on my board and the kids names were on fleur di lis's and when they came into class in the morning they had to move their name to the field to get counted present. Loved it! I seriously used my doc. camera and Smartboard constantly. I seriously wouldn't know what to do with out them.

2. Felt tip markers in different colors. I hated having things graded in red, and still do. So I figure if I don't like my papers being marked up with red then the kids probably don't either. So I use what ever crazy color I can get my hands on...and make sure to write nice notes on their papers!

3. A fridge. Without a mini fridge in my room I nearly died. I had to either stuff my food in a lunch box or pray someone didn't eat it out of the teacher's lounge.

4. Pencils. I got to my first teaching job only to discover pencils weren't on the supply list. Yay for me. We ran out of pencils quick and were not restocked with them in a timely manner. I literally told kids to write with crayons towards the end of the year because they had sharpened me out of house and home. I was so irritated by then I refused to buy pencils either.

5. Ziploc bags. I didn't know I needed them until I got to my first room and had a cabinet full of them. Now I am contemplating stocking this room up. They are great for kids who get some sort of minor injury, fill them up with ice and it is like noting bad ever happened.

6. My plastic drawers with week day labels. At the beginning of the week I print off everything thing I need and put the papers in the correct drawer according to what day they will be used. It works great if you don't know you'll be absent and haven't left anything for the sub to do. I also keep my lesson plans on my desk for that specific reason.

I am sure there are other things but it has been a super long meeting filled day and I am sleepy. I can't wait to read other bloggers must haves and steal some ideas!