{way back wednesday}

July 21, 2010

High school.
The land of school uniforms, side ponytails, over plucked eyebrows, the "watergirl mafia"{as we were called by a coach one day}, white under-shirts, clogs, illegal ankle socks, and "please coach let me ride the bus to the game, I promise I won't argue with people again" cupcakes, Canterbury Tales, senior journals, video reenactments of stories/songs, car jacking, and fried chicken Fridays.

Good times.

I didn't own another pair of khakis until I started teaching. I hated them that much after 6 years of uniforms. I still wear that water-girl jacket in the picture too. For the record my class never had a single cheerleader. We were all in band or water-girls. I played clarinet in the marching band, was a majorette, and was a water-girl for JV and Varsity football. My best friend Gabby played flute, was in color-guard, and was my sidekick the majority of our football antics that got us kicked off the football bus during playoffs. After being forced to ride with the cheerleaders we were ready to draw blood and begged to get on the football bus. One coach said yes, the one that particular bus said no, a football player cussed at us, and we went nuts. Getting in fights with football players is a quick way to get put back on the cheer bus. By the end of senior year I was one cheer from jumping out of a window.