{if you had guts, i'd hate 'em}

July 22, 2010

I finally remembered what I forgot to post about.

We went to see Meriwether play the other night in Ruston at Rabb's. I could have lived with it not being at Rabb's. I have apparently come accustomed to local concerts in restaurants that have ZERO smoking. It has apparently been so long since I've been at a local concert that allows smoking that I can't control myself.

Case in point: the girl next to me blew smoke my way and I {without thinking} started waving my arms around like I was in a burning building and attempting to save my lungs. Jer thought I had lost my mind.

Back to the concert, it was Meriwether's last night to play with their guitarist Steve, he is leaving to start a band called Night Eater. There drummer had already left to play with 10 years and the lead singer's brother was playing with them. This is apparently the year to leave a band considering Tyler Read completely broke up in May.

{steve and drew}

{I don't know what it is but sweaty rocker guys are sexy. But I still feel like they need a bath}

All was good until I ended up on the edge of a minor mosh pit.

This isn't a good pic but two half naked guys kept running into me. I wasn't exactly in the best moshing outfit{a dress} but that didn't keep me from hitting the mess out of them. Best place on earth to take out anger on people.

It is really going to be different hearing Meriwether without Steve, he is an amazing guitar player. We could already tell a big difference without the drummer. They said they are replacing people and not breaking up, but the sound is definitely going to change.

***This is partly why we were so tired at the wedding Friday. Meriwether didn't go on stage till 1am and we didn't get home until almost 3. We then had to get up and drive to south Louisiana for the wedding that was about 5 hours away. Not fun.

Video warning: language.

Meriwether-If You Had Guts, I'd Hate 'Em from Kyle Clements on Vimeo.