Not Part of the Game Plan

July 12, 2010

The plan today was to complete a few more assignments, work out, and pretend like it is actually summer and I have nothing to do. Did that happen? No! I got a text this morning that brought to my attention that a professor had been assigning things that were not in the assignment list we were given last week....bad news for me. I had been so on top of things and getting stuff turned way early only to discover some random assignment had been posted and due Saturday and that we had a quiz due tonight at midnight. Holy summer session! 

So I get to work. Turn junk in late. And continue to work on things that were posted in the assignment list not late yet. Then something that never crossed my mind happened. Ellie started acting really strange, wobbly, and slightly disoriented. But still attempting to focus on what I was saying panicking at her. The vet said it was a seizure and after a long list of environmental cause questions we determined it was just so freak seizure. Now I get to document any more of them she has and write down when, and how long they happened. Yay. If it becomes a problem I have to bring her back with a stool sample.

Hopefully this never happens again but I am not that familiar with dog seizures. My parents had a dog years ago that was on medication for it and my grandparents pug has seizures, but only when he is stress out, so he isn't on medication. These dachshund are my babies and I would seriously die if something happened to them before they were the ripe of age of doggie-wheelchair dachshund. I'll probably still be a mess for a good while even then. These kinds of things make me realize how much more I love my dogs than most people I know. Consider this to stress me to the equivalent of your kid having a seizure. Offensive to moms, maybe, but they are my babies. 

Anyone ever have to deal with this before? This was just a bit too much for me today after waking up to stress.