Sisterhood of the Traveling Garter

July 4, 2010

Happy 4th by the way!

Ya see, this whole garter ordeal started back in spring of 2009 when I couldn't find a single garter that made me happy. With my wedding dress being as flowy and potentially sheer as it was color wasn't an option...and neither was a bunch of fluff and bows. I had to wear spanx to smooth any potential lumps and bumps so I was not about to mess that up with a garter. 
I finally broke down one day and bought a cheap $5 garter at Wal-Mart. It was solid white and has the least amount of frill I could get my hands on. 

Anyway, it came time for the garter toss and my good friend Ryan happened to catch it. What we didn't know then was that this cheapo garter was about to spark a group tradition.
As you can tell, crazy Ryan was more than happy to catch the garter. He has a sweet girl who was currently living in Japan {I think} who he was totally head over heals for. Ryan ended up being the next to marry, and married Rachel in May 2010. 

Apparently Rachel has put as much thought into the garter situation as I had. Guess we aren't the type of girls to care about that kind of thing. When we arrived at their wedding Ryan signaled to me that he had something to tell me later...turns out they had forgotten about a garter till the day of the wedding and Ryan just happened to still have mine in his car and wanted to know what I thought of Rachel wearing it. I thought it was hilarious by the way, and so the garter was stuffed up yet another dress and attended another wedding. Instead of just dying out in someone's rear view mirror like many of them do. 

{Jeremy,Emily,Rachel,Ryan,Jonathan,Travis,Emily, & Stephanie}

The time came to toss that garter yet again and Rachel had a bit of a surprise for Ryan, pink tights under her dress. If someone ever questioned whether those two were right for each other that moment right there should have sealed the deal that they were soul mates. Oh, I forgot to mention Travis wouldn't go out there to catch it on account of the fact he was engaged an therefore thought he wasn't single enough to catch it. Yeah right, if I could get away with it I'd still go out there just because it's fun. Luckily, the guy who caught it didn't want it and tried to give it back. Emily and I then decided the garter would come live with her and she would wear it on her wedding day to continue the traveling garter tradition. No better way to create an inside joke at a wedding than having a line of brides who wore the same garter. 

And so ends the story of the traveling garter for now. Travis and Emily got married yesterday! Emily's brother caught it so I'm sure we can get it back if we need it. I'm so happy Emily {not me, Emily B., the other Emily B.} thought of getting their photographer to take a picture of all three of us who wore the garter with the garter. I can't wait to get a copy of it, it will be a funny story to tell our kids one day. Well one of the nicer stories to tell our kids, I'm sure our parents have tons of horrible stories considering me, Ryan, and Travis have all been friends since elementary school. Travis's mom and my Mom were tell a story about the time Travis hit me with his backpack in 2nd grade and gave me a bloody I guess it has already begun.